Governance Task Force October 2018 Minutes

IRWA Governance Task Force Minutes October 24, 2018

by Carrol McCracken

  1. Meeting was called to Order at 10:30 a.m., PDT by IGC Vice President, Sharon Slauenwhite, presiding.

  2. There was a roll call/introduction of all of the members on the conference call. They included:

    Region 1 Representative Ray Mehler, Region 1 Secretary
    Region 2 Representative Kim Heibert, President Chapter 36
    Region 3 Representative Carrol McCracken, Region 3 Secretary/Treasurer Region 4 Representative Ross Greene, President Chapter 52
    Region 5 Representative Pat Petitto, Past Int. Pres. & Advisory Council Region 6 Representative Matt Harris, Region 6 Secretary/Treasurer Region 7 Representative David Whitlock, Chapter 45, PDC Chair
    Region 8 Representative James Hardy, Region 8 Vice Chair
    Region 9 Representative Lee Hamre, Past Int. Pres. & Advisory Council Region 10 Representative Jenna Wood, Region 8 Chair

    International Executive Committee:
    Jeff Jones, Int. President
    Aimie Mims, Int. President Elect
    Sharon Slauenwhite, Int. Vice President IEC Liaison/Chair Jake Farrell, Int. Treasurer

    James Olschewski, Int. Secretary Brad Kuhn, Int. General Counsel Mark Rieck, CEO

  3. Ms. Slauenwhite mentioned how we had a diverse group of professionals ranging from recent Young Professionals to those with years of experience; varying credentials and areas of expertise; 2 past IRWA presidents; and various employment types.

  4. There will be a posting of an updated Task Force Roster with everyone’s contact information. If anyone would like to make any changes or corrections, please email them in to Sharon.

  5. There were posting of documents and resources for the group on Monday and an email with the agenda and Task Force Roster yesterday. Several people have been able to access them, but it is understood this was a lot of information to receive and review prior to the call.

  6. There will be a need for someone to take minutes for the meetings which will be posted on the Task Force Group, Posted in an IGC group on the IRWA Member Network. They will also be sent to Region Chairs for them to review and pass along to Chapters and members

  7. The agenda was reviewed.

  8. Kim Heibert asked if there was a timeline goal. Sharon Slauenwhite mentioned at the last governance meeting it was felt this would take a considerable amount of time, maybe 18 to 24 months. When volunteers were requested, it was the hope the Task Force Members would be willing to fulfill the term that is required to complete the mission.

  1. Ray Mehler said that the agendas proposed for the upcoming GTF meetings are good, and he thought monthly would be appropriate for timing for the group. It was mentioned will be a balance with our other work.

  2. Mark Rieck mentioned one of the documents sent out to the group was a chronological explanation of where this started and where it is at tis time. It may be beneficial for everyone to review.

  3. Carrol McCracken mentioned he felt there was a shift from what was documented in the first two sessions. He said how it seemed like a lot of the issues revolved around communications and it seemed like it morphed into something different. Sharon Slauenwhite provided a little history on how this started with a Bylaw Review Committee in 2015-2016. From that Committee, amendments went to the Spring Forums and changes came back to the IGC. It was mentioned there is another document that may help explain this that will still need to be shared with the group.

  4. It was agreed that calls will be monthly, and we will try to have them on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 10:00 a.m., Pacific Time.

  5. The group discussed and agreed that a Region Chairperson could be a proxy for a Region Representative if the Representative could not attend the call.

  6. A review of the documents we have received will be the starting point for the Task Force. It was agreed we will try to review two documents at each meeting for members to get up to speed since some of the members were not involved in the prior governance sessions.

  7. Sharon Slauenwhite said she will work on the agenda which will be out within 7 days.

  8. Carrol McCracken volunteered to act as scribe. Sharon mentioned this duty could be reassigned if someone wants to take over, someone isn’t able to attend a call, or if someone needs a break.

  9. Carrol McCracken posed a concern he had with the expenditure to date with this project. This will be discussed after the group’s review of the documents in the next meeting. It was mentioned the budgeted amount of $30,000 has put on hold at this time

  10. Conference call invitations will be sent out by Blue Jeans invitations. Minutes will be reported to Region Representatives who can pass them along to Region Chairs. The Board will have them posted on the Member Network, possibly in a special folder.

  11. Sharon Slauenwhite thanked all the members for their time and effort.

  12. The meeting concluded at approximately 11:15 a.m. PDT.