Concerns for IEC/IGC/Chapter Leadership Review


    CONCERNS for IEC / IGC / Chapter Leadership Review

    The following are concerns and suggestions expressed by various members of Region 7 and its Chapters. We would appreciate your careful consideration of these issues and seek your responses / suggestions to better improve the situation(s) and communications with the ultimate goals being better understanding and transparency for not only our current leadership but for the upcoming leaders whom we encourage to step up and become involved. The ability to be heard and feel vital are crucial for active engagement in this association of members.

    EDUCATION including CLIMB and PIPE

    1. Updated Course Materials:

      1. Have all the current education offerings had their materials updated / corrected

        as requested and funded over the past several years?

      2. How many have been completed?

      3. How many remain?

      4. What is the estimated cost to complete all courses?

      5. Is funding already budgeted?

    2. Capstone Exams:

      1. There are rumors the SR/WA Study / Review Session held prior to administration

        of the Generalist Capstone Exam will be retired. Region 7 does NOT support that

        action and, if this is just a rumor, please make a statement to that effect.

      2. There are also rumors that the Capstone Exams for the Specialty Industry

        Designations are not yet ready.

        1. If not, why?

        2. What is the timeline for having them ready?

        3. What is the overall cost for development and what are the remaining

          costs to accomplish the task?

    3. CLIMB Instructor Training and certification to teach classes:

      1. We know there is an International CLIMB Instructor Training planned for 2019 in Portland.

        1. Is the enrollment open for anyone who wishes to attend or is it by invitation only?

        2. What is the class size limit?

        3. When will another training take place

      2. From recent communications, it appears IRWA is not “encouraging” our veteran instructors to become certified to teach classes by:

        1. Meet the General and Course specific requirements as listed in the CLIMB Instructor Guide

        2. Take the course from an Instructor who attended the mandatory training

    iii. Have a Chapter / Region showing intent to offer the course, make a request to have the instructor seeking certification as the instructor for the course the Chapter wants to sponsor

    iv. Work with a CLIMB coach pre-course, during, and post-course.
    c. For these veteran instructors to teach for the Association they’ve already dedicated many years of service to, we expect them to take courses and meet multiple monitoring requirements on their time and dime. There are many instances of incredulous jaw-dropping taking place when Chapters cannot use a local, willing, subject-matter expert instructor because a Committee doesn’t feel they are qualified. We know of at least one instance where the course author is

    not allowed to teach it. Really?

    1. Let’s get the RWIEF involved in helping these instructors financially to meet the

      requirements in an efficient and cost-saving program. There are many instances of these same instructors choosing to forego their instructor fee in lieu of the chapter making a donation to the RWIEF, so “what goes around comes around”, and we all win. Not everyone can afford to donate their fee, especially if they are losing money by not being at their real job, and we need to make sure we’re not making it a crippling experience for them. We are an Association of volunteers, and these veteran instructors need our support to keep this Association viable and a leader in right-of-way discipline education. Who truly are your Subject Matter Experts?

    2. Is it necessary to require an instructor to take a full-attendance classroom-based course in order to teach it, especially if it’s a rewrite of a course they were previously qualified to teach? If the concern is material familiarization, might a self-study / online testing / mentoring combination be more cost and time efficient?


    4. The IEC / IGC recently implemented an Education Task Force to address the many issues surrounding our multi-faceted, complex education and credentialing program. We have discussed and support these qualified, knowledgeable volunteers who are serving on what is now called IDEAS. However, it is our opinion that Region Vice Chairs should be involved in this task force as well. We, as an Association, expect our Region Vice-Chairs to monitor the education programs of the Chapters in their respective Region. The RVCs are the sounding boards / voices for the Chapters and therefore should be used effectively to provide full representation from all Regions to assist in this in-depth effort.

    1. There was a “surplus” of funds ($188,000) cited by Jake Ferrell at our Region 7 Forum. Please consider this a request to distribute to the Chapters as appropriate compensation for their share of on-line course participants. Let’s return it to the source(s) who we depend on for their support.

    2. It came to our attention during the recent IEC / IGC meetings that HQ is presenting courses without Chapter and Region notification. We respectfully request the following:

      1. Upon request to IRWA HQ for presentation of the course, the HQ Field Staff (Tim or Jamie Rose) contact the appropriate Chapter and clarifies whether the Chapter would be in a position to sponsor the class. If the Chapter is willing to meet the course presentation requirements, the Field Staff person facilitates the responsibility shift for presentation of the course as appropriate.

      2. If the Chapter cannot meet the requirements, HQ moves ahead with presentation of the course, and the Chapter understands there will be no sharing of income for any course presentation done by HQ.

      3. The Region Chair is given courtesy notification of the course being presented and confirmation the appropriate chapter was given the opportunity to facilitate the course.

      4. It is in the 2018-2019 budget that IRWA HQ plans to sponsor 23 classes. We respectfully request the list of courses, locations, and dates. Thank you.