IDEAs Presentation from February IRWA International Leadership Meeting

    Download the IDEAs Mid Year Presentation Here

    IDEAs Emails from October 25, 2018 and Response

    Dear IGC members and RVCs,
    The Education Task Force has been formed and is to be named the IDEAs Task Force, which is an acronym for Instructor Development &

    Educational Assessment Task Force.
    Attached are the minutes from the first IDEAs Task Force conference call. Please distribute minutes as you see fit.

    We will be sending around a PowerPoint with information about the members of IDEAs, our purpose, and goals. I’m just waiting on some finishing touches on it before I can send.

    Due to vacation, I might not make the IGC call next week, so I wanted to send this ahead of time as there are two key items for you in attached. They are listed below:

    1. Official Recommendation:
    The IDEAs Task Force recommends adding course content and materials evaluations below to the current instructor evaluations form

    (or on a separate form) with a numeric rating and box for comments, similar to current Instructor Quality Survey:

    • ·  The course materials (manual, slides, etc.) were clear, provided valuable information, and helped me to learn the content

    • ·  The course content was up-to-date, valuable, and met my expectations for the stated Course Description and Course Objectives.

      Background information: the following are the current items listed on the Instructor Quality Survey, which is the only input solicited from attendees:

    • ·  Communication Skills:
      o Clearly communicates directions and ideas by delivery organized thoughts o Listens to audience and continuously checks for understanding

    • ·  Content Knowledge
      o Is a subject matter expert

      o Accurately answers questions and provides current content information

    • ·  Leadership

    Dee Oakland <> 1/2

    1/20/2019 Gmail - IDEAs - Instructor Development & Educational Assessment Task Force

    o Demonstrates a command of the classroom

    o Adjusts teaching style to meet participant needs

    • ·  Instruction

      o Uses all IRWA course content and material

      o Is compelling and enhances audience retention and application

    • ·  Methodology

      o Encourages participation in exercises, group discussions, case studies

      o Monitors progress and adjusts instruction where appropriate to enhance adult learning

    • ·  Behaviors (Professional Attitudes)

      o Is prepared and organized

      o Is committed to fairness and creates a mutually-respectful learning environment

    • ·  Would you take another course from this instructor?

      Given the current evaluation is for instructor only, we are unable to determine if complaints about course materials & content are just from the most vocal complaints or a real issue for the majority of attendees.

      2. Budget Request
      I would like to request up to $2500 to meet in-person at the Austin, TX joint forum.

      While we are still discussing what needs we might have in June (CLIMB and potential in-person meeting at conference) we would like to request a budget to meet in-person at the joint forum in Austin Texas. 3 out of 5 of us are already planning to attend, we believe Rakhshan can attend using discretionary staff travel budget, so we just need to cover additional night of hotel rooms, small meeting space, and Gordon MacNair’s travel costs. We will try to minimize this cost by negotiating free meeting space as part of the forum, ask employers to cover the additional night, etc.

      We’re just getting started, next up we plan to send out some instructor and chapter leadership surveys to better gage the validity of issues that have been brought forward.

      I also plan to hold some small group interviews with key individuals/groups. For example, I would like to talk with those that were key decision makers in dividing the IPDC, we need to assess what the drivers were in formation of the PIPE and determine if their goals are being met.

      Thank you!

      Fred Easton, Jr., PLS, SR/WA, R/W-AMC / Survey & GIS Manager