In-Person Event Guidance Document

    Attention IRWA Region and Chapter Leaders:
    IRWA would like to offer the following recommendations for those who are considering holding in-person events such as Chapter meetings, Region forums and classroom courses, as well as tips on conducting these in-person events with safety at the forefront. Given the various reopening timelines for different businesses and venues (put forth by individual countries, states, provinces, counties and cities), it is impossible for us to provide specific guidance on when you may begin holding in-person events. Check with informed local sources for guidance, such as your local health department and the venue in which you will be holding the classroom.
    It is the IEC’s recommendation that you conduct the business of the Chapters and Regions virtually to maintain the health and safety of our members. If you do decide to proceed with an in-person meeting:
    • Research and plan to follow all federal, state, provincial and local recommendations for in-person events. For example, CDC Classroom Reopening Guidelines is one of many resources available online.
    • Provide key points in registration instructions. Consider the following examples: attendees will not be admitted without a mask; temperature will be taken at the door; those not attending in person can join the meeting virtually. 
    • Select locations that minimize the need for travel and minimize the use of public transportation. In-person classrooms should utilize local instructors.
    • Limit attendance based on the venue’s capacity under appropriate social distancing guidelines. In practice, some businesses have determined that this means no more than about one-third of the venue’s normal capacity.
    In summary, the health and safety of our members and the public come first. An event not held will always be less important than lives put at risk. If you need help with your virtual meeting, you may contact Tim Drennan ([email protected]) at IRWA Headquarters for advice.
    The International Executive Committee

    Introducing IRWA's New CEO

    Dear IRWA Member,

    The International Executive Committee (IEC) is pleased to announce the appointment of IRWA’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Charlie Nobles!

    IRWA’s CEO is charged with building upon our Association’s record of success by further developing the organization’s vision, achieving goals for continued financial stability, engaging membership, and enhancing programming impact. Charlie’s skills and experience mirror the needs and expectations of the Association – he is a demonstrated leader who embraces partnership and transparency, holds deep non-profit and for-profit experience, and understands the value of education and training.

    Charlie brings over twenty years of non-profit and for-profit senior management experience to IRWA; seventeen years of which he spent strengthening membership-based associations. While serving as its Executive Director, he led the American Sailing Association to more than double its revenue and membership while overseeing dramatic improvements to its educational, marketing, and customer service operations. Charlie is an active real estate investor and holds a California real estate broker license. He looks forward to working with the entire IRWA community to continue the success and growth of the Association.

    Charlie’s start date is Monday, February 24, 2020 and he will be working closely with Daniel Stekol to transition the CEO responsibilities.

    The IEC is confident that Charlie is the right person to partner with our member leaders and staff in forging the next successful chapter for our Association. Please join us in welcoming Charlie!

    Aimie L. Mims, SR/WA, R/W-AMC, R/W-NAC
    International President