Website and E-blast Announcements Policy

    Requests to Michelle Rude for website postings may be submitted by the Chapter 4 president and/or communications-outreach committee chair.

    Requests for e-blast announcements should be submitted to the communications-outreach committee chair who will communicate with the president regarding non-standard information and announcements.

    Submission Format
    Chapter 4 members should provide a subject line or heading for the announcement as well as pertinent contact and announcement information. It is preferable the submission is emailed to the communication-outreach chair in Word format with graphics, if any, included.

    E-blast Schedule
    E-blasts will be sent once a week on Thursday. Information should be submitted by Tuesday of the same week at close of business. If submissions are received after Tuesday, the information will be included in the following week’s e-blast.

    E-blast Recipients
    Unless indicated in the submission, it will be assumed the information is intended for subscribers to the IRWA Chapter 4 e-blast.

    Consideration for special e-blasts may be given on a case-by-case basis. Examples of special e-blasts outside of the set schedule include (1) changes to the time and location of an event; (2) contact/coordinator changes for a class or event; (3) approaching deadlines for chapter meeting and social event registrations, and award nominations.