Education Policies

    IRWA Attendance and Exam Policy

    For qualifying education credit, the Class Attendance Policy specifies that participants must be physically present for at least 90% of the classroom hours in order to receive credit, and receive a passing grade of 75% on the final exam (if applicable). For participants attending a class for continuing education credit, the Class Attendance Policy specifies that participants must be physically present for at least 90% of the classroom hours in order to receive credit.


    IRWA Cancellation Policy

    Registration Cancellation Policy:

    Written notification of intent to cancel registration must be received via email by both the Course Coordinator and IRWA Headquarters Education Staff ([email protected]) prior to the class start date in order to be eligible for a tuition refund.

    • 100% refund if notice is received 15 days or more prior to class start date;
    • 75% refund if notice is received less than 15 days prior to class start date;
    • No refund will be issued for notice received on or after the class start date.


    Class Cancellation Policy:

    All classes scheduled by IRWA are subject to cancellation. All class registrants must contact the Course Coordinator prior to making travel arrangements, keeping in mind that the class may be canceled at any time (for reasons including, but not limited to, insufficient registration, Facilitator emergencies or other issues beyond the control of the chapter and/or IRWA). Fully liquidated damages for any losses incurred by a class registrant are limited solely to a refund of the registrant's prepaid class tuition. IRWA and its chapters assume no other registrant liability resulting from class cancellation.

    IRWA Chapter 4 Education coordinator Policy

    By agreeing to coordinate a course, the Course Coordinator Agreement provides process and deadlines for marketing material and course material delivery.  Other duties include:

    • Proofread and approve the course brochure from HQ.
    • Assist Instructors with travel and other arrangements or special supplies upon request.
    • Course Materials - Pay attention to the participant material ordering deadlines (typically done 2 weeks prior to class date). Please let the Education Chair know what the count is before ordering materials. Check the shipment upon receipt, and count everything.
    • Process any questions regarding group registrations, invoices for payment should be directed to DeOnna Koonce at HQ, 310-538-0233x138, [email protected]
    • Marketing the class:
      • Strategize with Education Chair concerning different avenues, associations and/or agencies that would benefit from the course and contact them with specifics.
      • Ask HQ to broadcast to nearby Regions
      • Contact Professional Development Chair for participants that may need your course for their particular career path.
      • Coordinate special email blasts with the Education Chair. There is a set schedule for email blasts but if you think of something special or a “last minute”, “have X number of spaces left” email you would like to advertise please let me know.
      • Verify announcements are off of the Chapter web-site after your class is complete.
    • Room set up is now U shape if possible, determine audio-visual needs, such as a projector, flip charts or whiteboards/pens. (Chapter has projector, easel, pads, and pens) Instructors must bring their own laptops.
    • Roster - 2 days prior to class Contact Nathan Cruzado at HQ and have him email you the pre-filled in Roster.
    • Snacks - Many classes are held at donated spaces such as conference rooms and/or training rooms of local agencies or consultants. Chapter 4 has typically furnished light continental breakfast items, coffee/tea, and afternoon snacks and soda pop. If the class is not held at the host hotel, the course coordinator is responsible for planning, purchasing, hosting (set up and clean up) these snacks.  The amount of food and beverages to purchase is relative to the number of participants including yourself and the instructor and the number of class days.
      • Planning includes: paper plates, napkins, plastic ware, serving platters, serving utensils (The Chapter has serving plates and sometimes leftover plates, napkins. Check with the Education Chair)
      • Is the agency providing coffee/tea?
        • If not Starbucks can provide Coffee Travelers, 96 oz. fresh brewed coffee with 12 cups and an assortment of condiments. ~$20 order ahead for pick up the morning of the class
      • Breakfast items can include: a couple of varieties of either pastries, donuts, muffins, bagels/cream cheese, sweet breads and cut up fruit platter, maybe cheese sticks or hardboiled eggs (prepackaged)
        • My current observations is that participants are gravitating toward healthier options such as fruit, protein and mini pastries. Large size Costco muffins I would suggest cutting in half as well as their bagels.  A package of Franz bagels at any grocery is around $3-$3.50 and reasonably sized.
      • If you enjoy cutting and chopping, feel free to pick up whole melons, packages of berries, mandarin oranges, grapes and create your own fruit platter.
      • If you are not a culinary whiz or don’t have time, purchase a fruit platter
      • Afternoon cookies or snacks can be creative but not overboard. Consider a cookie a participant and a bag of pretzels.  Again I’m seeing sweets left untouched.
        • Please avoid Costco size granola bar packages (48-60 count) unless your class is 3-4 days. While we all love the bulk stores, the Chapter does not want to be responsible for storing leftovers.
      • If you are able, bringing a cooler for your perishables is advisable along with ice and a small variety of soda pop, i.e. coke, diet coke and 7up for the afternoon.
      • Encourage your members to bring water bottles and direct them to nearby fountains.
      • Keep in mind you are a visitor at the location and please be considerate of cleaning up after the snacks.
      • A budget for a typical class of 15-20 should be around $75-$100 a day. Again if you are a kitchen whiz and love to shop, I’ve seen the expenses come in at around $60 a day.
    • Save your receipts and complete the Chapter Expense form for reimbursement
      • Submit the form and receipts to the Education Chair for approval
    • The Chapter does not pay for participant group lunches.
    • Any unusual expenses need to be preapproved by the Education Chair or Chapter President.
    • If the class is held at the host hotel the coordinator and Education Chair will review headcount prior to class to inform catering.
    • Arrive early on the first day of class
      • Ensure the classroom is arranged per specifications
      • Meet with Instructor
      • Bring course materials, list of participants, registration form for any walk-ins
      • Confirm there is proper signage to location
      • Become familiar with the room lighting, heating/cooling system
      • Be able to direct participants to nearest restrooms and lunch options
      • Verify all registrants have paid. HQ can register two ways 1) credit card over the phone and 2) they create a purchase order for payment.  This is the tricky one.  HQ will add them to the roster but we won’t know if a check has been mailed to HQ/chapter/bringing to class.  SO ASK “HAS EVERYONE PAID”
    • Follow course coordinator instructions for am/pm attendance and post-class procedures; including mailing proper forms to HQ and returning supplemental course materials. Discard or recycle unused participant manuals.  Shred leftover exams.
    • You may be asked by the Chapter Treasurer to help reconcile participant list/course payments